Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

  1. OFFER TO BUY: This Purchase Order is an offer to buy the goods or services listed with the terms specified on the order. Buyer must approve of any modification of this purchase order, both in terms and description, suggested by Seller in order for the change to be considered a part of the purchase order.
  2. QUANTITIES: The Seller will supply the correct quantity on the order. No variation in the quantities specified herein will be accepted except by written agreement. The Buyer may retain any over shipment on the order and consider the over shipment to be within the total price listed on the order.
  3. DELIVERY: Items on this order must be delivered on time per the delivery schedule. Payment for early delivery may be withheld until the scheduled delivery date. Late shipments must be expedited at the Seller’s expense.
  4. PACKING SLIPS AND CERTIFICATIONS: All shipments must contain packing slips giving part number, description of material, quantity and the purchase order number. Any applicable material or process certifications as called out on this order must accompany the shipment.
  5. PACKAGING AND LABELING: The purchase order number must appear on each container.
  6. ROUTING INSTRUCTIONS: The Seller shall make shipments as specified in this order. In the absence of specific routing instructions, shipments are to be routed best way possible.
  7. REJECTIONS: All articles received by the Buyer will be inspected. The Buyer may return at the Seller’s expense any production, which does not conform to the terms and conditions of the order. Products and services, which require certifications will be considered rejected and the receipt date delayed until the appropriate documentation is received.
  8. PAYMENT: Seller’s invoice will be paid per the agreed terms.
  9. TAXES: Any taxes will be shown separately on the invoice.
  10. EXTRA CHARGES: Any extra charges must be approved in writing by the Buyer.
  11. WARRANTY: The Seller agrees they will maintain an inspection and process control system, which meets the requirements of the Buyer. The Seller warrants that all ordered articles will be free from defects in workmanship and material and are provided in accordance with the specifications furnished by the Buyer.
  12. CHANGES: The Buyer may at any time in writing make changes to the goods, services or method of shipment of the order. If the changes effect the cost of the product, service or on-time delivery, the Seller must notify the Buyer immediately. The Buyer will confirm in writing to the Seller whether to proceed or not proceed with the changes.
  13. CANCELLATION: The Buyer may cancel or postpone, without charge, any deliveries of the order which are not shipped in reasonable time to meet the required date.
  14. TERMINATION: The Buyer may terminate work on the order in writing at any time. A claim arising out of the termination of the order will be reviewed based on the Seller’s costs incurred supported by the appropriate documentation.
  15. INDEMNIFICATION AND INSURANCE: Seller will indemnify and save harmless Buyer, its employees and agents against all liability, demands, claims, loss, cost, damage, and expense by reason or on account of property damage, death and personal injury as a result of or in connection with the performance of this order. Seller will maintain and carry liability insurance which includes but is not limited to employer’s liability, workers’ compensation and general liability. Seller will, if requested by the Buyer, furnish certificates of insurance indicating the foregoing coverage.
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