At R & B Plastics, we are industry experts in delivering high-performing, custom machined PCTFE parts. A polychlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE) produced under the brand name Neoflon® is ideal for many electrical applications. Machined PCTFE parts resist most chemicals, does not absorb moisture, and offers zero flammability. Machined PCTFE is widely used in packaging films, as well as a variety of gaskets, seals, bearings, and valves.

PCTFE is the abbreviation for PolyChloroTriFluoroEthylene and is a fluorocarbon-based polymer. PCTFE machining and Machined PCTFE parts offered by R & B Plastics offer excellent physical and mechanical properties as well as outstanding electrical properties. In addition to this, PCTFE features a near zero moisture absorption as well as good chemical resistance. R & B Plastics offers a specific PCTFE called Neoflon® PCTFE. Neoflon® PCTFE is a high performance thermoplastic that has high compressive strength.

See below some of the specialized machined PCTFE parts that R & B Plastics specializes in producing for various industries. Call us today for more information on Neoflon® PCTFE machined parts. 

Machined Neoflon® Parts

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