Acetal machined parts are thermoplastics that are engineered into gaskets, insulators, nozzles and more. Acetal parts posses a high level of stiffness with easy machinability. Dimensional stability is a large benefit when machining acetal parts, as these parts can withstand a wide range of high/low temperatures and humidity levels and maintain original dimensions when used in extreme environments.

Machined acetal parts are ideal for use in mechanical applications as gears, bushings and guides - all widely used within the automotive industry. The ability to withstand tight tolerances, great wear properties in various environments and serve as an insulator in electrical applications makes acetal one of the most versatile machining plastics available.

Readily machined, acetal is a semi-crystalline copolymer similar to its homopolymer cousin, Delrin® that offers a low coefficient of friction and performs well in corrosive environments.

Acetal Machined Parts

R & B Plastics offers the following acetal machined parts:

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