1. Do you stock parts?
    • We do not typically stock custom machined plastics parts. However, some aerospace parts that are purchased by multiple customers may be in inventory.
  2. What types of plastic do you machine?
    • We machine all the plastics noted on this site, as well as many others not specifically noted. Among those would be Carbon Fiber, Graphite, Tivar, Tefzel, Rulon, Flourosint, Celazole, and Phenolic. Learn more about our custom plastic machined parts.
  3. What types of machining do you perform?
    • We perform turning on CNC lathes and CNC Swiss machines. Milling is done on CNC mills that also support drilling and tapping.
  4. What are your minimum order quantities?
    • We produce orders as small as five to ten pieces. All parts are price sensitive and each part must absorb an equal portion of the programming and set-up costs. The smaller the order, the greater the cost.
  5. Are drawings and prints required?
    • Drawings are always preferred, but we do realize many times we are producing a part no longer in production. In those cases, we can usually reverse engineer the part.
  6. Do you design parts?
    • No, our ISO certification does not cover product design. We will work with our customers through the product development stage to insure the final design developed has design stability, production stability, and economic stability.
  7. Do you do prototypes?
    • We are not a prototype shop, but we do extensive prototype work in collaboration with our customers, as part of their product development process.
  8. Do you provide services other than machining?
    • Though we are a machining operation, we are constantly evaluating how to add value for our customers. Whether through product development participation, vendor managed inventories, or specialized packaging; we strive to be defined as a user-friendly company.
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